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Submit a challenge to the Global Goals Jam!


Would your organisation like to submit a challenge to be hacked at the Global Goals Jam?

On 17-18 September 2016, creative teams will spend two days using a tailored toolkit from MediaLAB Amsterdam to design interventions that can help achieve short-term targets and support realising the Global Goals by 2030.

The Edinburgh Global Goals Jam is looking for challenges related to the following goals:

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Challenges should be framed as a relatively broad question that relates to one of the above goals and is aligned to your organisation’s priorities. It should be possible for teams to explore the challenge using a variety of different skillsets, techniques and disciplines. You are encouraged to provide information, resources and datasets related to the challenge. Examples of challenges posed at a similar event can be found here.

All challenges are welcome. The following are some suggested topics for challenges that would be especially relevant to the project.

  • Off-grid solar power
  • Mobile phone technology
  • Data collection, management, visualisation, analysis
  • Data governance, sharing, access (getting the data as well as understanding the data)
  • New types of data, such as data from social media or collected by sensors
  • Using data to understand other peoples’ needs and interests
  • Involving people in understanding their personal data
  • Inclusive economic development
  • How access to energy can meet peoples’ needs and fulfil their aspirations

To submit a challenge or for more information, contact Cat Magill at