Global Goals Jam – Energy Data team: Energy Infographic

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Infographic: https://magic.piktochart.com/output/16283331-global-goals-jam

Based on the challenges around open data, solar waste and communicating data, the Energy Data team designed an infographic that brought together data to inform decision-making about whether to maintain or replace damaged or broken solar devices (lanterns, panels, etc.) in India. The experiences of Scene Community also informed this team’s project.

The participants reported that the process of identifying the appropriate data and finding a clear and simple format in which to communicate it that could also provide relevant and useful insights was a valuable learning experience for them. They also found that thinking about practical implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in the context of a specific and real-life situation highlighted the complexity and size of the task of actually achieving the goals by 2030.

The Energy Data team points out the key components in a home solar energy system and their expected lifespan.