Nairobi Energy Data Challenge

The Nairobi Energy Data Challenge will be held in December 2016 and will consist of three events.

Untangling the Challenges

Date: 1 December 2016

Time: 12.00pm–5.00 pm

Location: iHub UX Lab


Energy service providers, pay-as-you-go technology companies, NGOs, and anyone interested in off-grid energy access and data —jJoin us for an afternoon of brainstorming, ideating and prototyping ways to untangle and address challenges and emerging opportunities around data, technology and off-grid energy access.

Questions include:

  • How might the off-grid energy sector share and use its collective data more effectively, and what would that look like?
  • What opportunities exist for improving communication with energy users about their energy use and payment and how could communication be redesigned to benefit companies and users?
  • How might low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN) influence what data is collected from off-grid energy systems and users and how it is used?
  • What are some specific ways that we could better use existing public and private data, data collection systems and / or customer relationships to strengthen the off-grid energy sector while realising holistic development?

IoT Workshop with Pycom

Date: 2 December 2016

Time: 11:30am–5.00pm

Location: @iLab Africa, Strathmore University


Inventors, developers, programmers, and all-around tech lovers! Learn about emerging technologies and develop new IoT skills at the IoT Workshop with Pycom (some programming experience recommended). Get to know how Pycom is supporting rapid development and prototyping in the IoT space, and then bring your learning along to brainstorm energy-related IoT applications at the Energy Data Challenge Weekend.

Nairobi Energy Data Challenge Weekend

Date: 2–4 Dec

Time: 2 December 2016, 6.00pm–9pm and 3–4 Dec 9.00am–6.00pm

Location: iHub, Ngong Road, Nairobi


Designers, data gurus, energy enthusiasts, techies, makers and more! Put on your brainstorming caps, pull out your creativity and design skills, bring along your interest in tinkering with electronics and IoT, and add anything you know or want to learn about making data meaningful and valuable to people and come to the Energy Data Challenge Weekend. Meet and work alongside University of Edinburgh students and staff as we take on challenges provided by energy service providers, NGOs, tech companies and researchers — and brainstorm, ideate and prototype all kinds of ideas and solutions around off-grid energy access and data.