Participatory Design Workshops

Participatory Design workshops in rural Kenya will engage current and future users of energy provided by solar micro-grids in co-designing service provision (content and format) and payment structures. They will look at how users understand the data that they generate and how to use this data to increase the socio-economic value of electricity and stimulate local economic activity through microgrids. They will also allow users to examine the demand for different types of data and whether and how feedback mechanisms can be effective at individual, household and community level.

The first workshops will take place in November 2016. After the Nairobi Energy Data Hackathon in December, we will hold follow-up workshops. Participants from the November workshops and staff from an SME managing data from solar microgrids will review prototypes from the hackathon and identify and refine the most feasible options with the potential to roll out a pilot for testing.